Friday, 21 December 2007


This is the inaugural post of our new blog! It's very exciting (well, it is to us!) as we have never had a "web presence" before!

We will be posting more over the next couple of months to keep everyone up to date with what's happening in our "Canadian Adventure"

Keep checking back for updates on our progress and the number of grey hairs that will no doubt be appearing on both of our heads!

Bye for now
Hayley & Martyn xxx


humbug said...

and hello to you

can i be one fo the first to wish you both ALL the best and good luck in your new lives

i'll be watching to see your journey ahead for sure


Trina said...

Hello! I'm really excited for you both!

I will be really sorry to see you both go though.

I want to wish you both all the best too and good luck for the future.

Terrena xx