Thursday, 29 May 2008

We've Landed!

Hello from across the pond! Just a quick post to say we've landed and we are now officially Canadian residents! We have free internet access at the hotel we are staying at till Sunday so thought we would take the opportunity (don't forget Martyn is a Yorkshire man!) to use the free facilities to let you all know we have arrived safely.

I'm still quite tired from the flight and the time difference but Martyn seems to be taking it in his stride! We have ticked off quite a few things already today (Thursday) and we are going to register at a recruitment agency tomorrow so fingers crossed we will be earning soon!

Anyway, not sure when our next post will be as we have to set up internet access in our new apartment but promise to have some pics for the next one!

Take care


Trina said...

Aww glad to hear you are in Canada safe and sound!

We have been thinking about you! I hope you enjoyed a couple of glasses of wine on the plane!

lol @ free internet, you can take the Yorkshire man out of Yorkshire but you can't take Yorkshire out of the man!

Good luck with the job hunting!

Martyn could always apply to become a Mountie!!! lol

Take care

Love Trina xx

Karen said...

Glad you've landed safely. Can't wait to hear all about your expolits :D. Karen (Enola05)

Vicky (Leeds Paper Doll) said...

Hoooorrrrraaaaaayyyyyy!!! Thanks for the update. How much maple syrup have you eaten so far???Let me know if you need emergency Marmite rations sending out....

Kirsty said...

Hiya you two

So glad you landed ok, good luck on the job front and make sure you keep in touch. Martyn is no longer a Yorkshireman now he is Canadian lol


amanda said...

the joys of free internet access!!!

i did wonder how you managed it so quickly

Daveuns said...

Glad to hear that you are both safe and sound! Hope everything goes well when you get to the apartment!

DebsN said...

Hi there! Glad you've got there Ok. Have been thinking about you loads. Miss not being able to send you a daily email at work and get a quick reply! Will have to get used to that I suppose. Hope all goes well on the job front and keep us posted as to how you get on. Wonder if the idea of becomming an ice cream seller in a park comes true! Tee hee! Not missing much over here but you probably knew that anyway.

Bye for now

Debbie & Rob