Saturday, 17 May 2008

Going, Going, GONE!

Not us (yet!) but all our stuff has gone! After a long, difficult weekend the removal company came in on Monday 12th and packed up all our worldly possessions and they are now on their way to Canada. The weekend was difficult for many reasons; trying to decide what we would need with us for the next couple of months (yes - it takes that long!) was hard as the weather both here and in Vancouver can be changeable so outfits are needed for every eventuality!! It was also quite emotional as the packing would be another one of those milestones that we keep hitting along the way. Well they very nice men turned up at 9.30am and one got to work in the garage, one in the living room and the third in the bedroom. We had our stuff spread out as we couldn’t fit it all in one place!! Here are a couple of photo's of the boxes>>

It was strange just hanging around and not doing anything, you really felt like a spare part! So I went out and did some shopping and left Martyn to make the tea! After about 4 hours we got to this point>>

And then after the inventory was checked and signed it was time to say goodbye to the retreating van - only 8 weeks to wait till I see everything again!

We are rattling through our lists of things to do, all direct debits have been cancelled, car sold, apartment rented, now all we need is a job! So that's the focus for the next week and a bit oh that and the party on Friday!!

Right that's it for now, but Martyn has said he may post watch out for his witty musings!!



Trina said...

Awww you are getting there! and it must be a weight off your mind as that was a big job!

(i told you that you would feel like a spare part lol)

I'm looking forwards to seeing Martyn's posting! (piccys of leeds hint hint!) lol

Trina xx

Kirsty said...

Aww Hayley, don't know about you getting upset but my eyes seem to be watering at the sight of all those moving boxes :( Good luck to you both xx