Sunday, 13 April 2008

Where Would... choose for your last trip in the UK? We pondered over this at the beginning of the year and came up with many places. We eventually settled on the Giant's Causeway in Northern Ireland. We have always wanted to see it and we had never been to Northern Ireland before so decided we would go over for a visit.

We went for 3 days at the end of March (tied in nicely with Martyn's birthday so I didn't have to get him a pressie!) and stayed in Belfast, which is a lovely city and quite small so it was easy to get round - good job as when we got there it was chucking it down! We had booked a coach trip on the second day to the Causeway, which included stops on the way at various sites. The first stop was at a castle (there are a lot of castles in Northern Ireland!) which unfortunately we couldn't go in! Then it was off to the Carrick-a-Ride rope bridge.

It was a good couple of kilometres to get to the bridge but it was worth it for the views>>

After our death defying walk across the bridge we travelled up the North Antrim coast, which is stunning. We were very lucky to have great weather and we managed to see over the water to Scotland! But the main attraction was the Giant's Causeway - I was bowled over!

Our photo's don't really do it justice unfortunately but here is a moody black and white shot>>

And here is one of us standing by some of the stones, just to give a bit of perspective!! >>

We have lots and lots of photos of the stones but to get a real sense of them you have to go and see them I'm afraid! On our way back to Belfast we stopped off at Bushmills Whisky Distillery - much to Martyn's delight! Not my favourite place as I hate whisky but hey ho, it was his birthday weekend I suppose! He bought a very expensive bottle and I got a candle, which I'm pleased to say doesn't smell of whisky!

Our last day in Belfast turned out to be a lovely sunny, clear day so we revisited the sights we took photos of in the rain and retook them so we could prove it was good weather some of the time! We had a great weekend and much Guinness was consumed!

On a different note, it was my last Leeds Paper Dolls crop yesterday :( It was a day of mixed emotions, I really enjoyed the scrapping and company as I do every month but there was a twinge of sadness as I wouldn't be attending any more. There was a little party organised and I got presents!! I was so emotional by the end of the day that I didn't eat all my Chinese takeaway and had to get an early night! Thanks girls for making my last crop really special and I hope none of those photo's of me crying ever get on to the Internet!!

Right well I think that's about it, still much to do and organise for the big move but I did get our guestbook finished today for our leaving party - so this is advance warning to all our guests that a witty and moving comment will be required so get your thinking caps on!

Take Care


Trina said...

the giant's causeway looks amazing!

aww we are all going to miss you and i forgot about those photo's - i must dig them out!

Terrena xx

vee said...

great to see you settling in nicely.good news all round. ta for the tatto hayley. been in italy for two weeks .godfather tour. very busy in shop at this time of year
all the best ,
vee xx.