Thursday, 13 March 2008

Lists, lists and more lists!

We are drowning under a mountain of lists and paper, and not the nice patterned variety that I like to sit and gaze at! (for those of you who aren't scrappers, Hi my name's Hayley and I like to stroke paper, that is when I'm not diving into the cold icy waters of the north sea!)

Here is a digi scrapbook layout to illustrate what it's all about! See how clever I am, I've combined scrapbooking and diving!

Anyway I digress, we have lists for everything but it's a bit too soon to get much sorted out so I'm taking the opportunity to get all my digital scrapbooking files organised, I didn't realise I had so many kits. It's taken me ages!

Well another of my friends has told us that she is pregnant, so thats 5 ladies I know who are all expecting, if you are reading this girls then you had better keep me up to date with all the baby news and progress when we have gone!!

Right off to make more lists!

Bye for now
Hayley x

PS - oh and by the way, it was pointed out to us that we hadn't actually given the date of when we are flying out to Canada in our last post so......ta da... Wednesday 28th May!


Amanda said...

Nice digi lo i gave up on that too complicated for me lol

YorkshireKaren said...

Love the LO, I haven't tried either digi scrapping OR diving either....and am not likely to try one of those, although I HAVE done a parachute jump, twice - but I was much younger and madder then!
Just wanted to say thanks so much for the lovely comment on my blog, thought I'd found a fellow scrapper in Yorkshire but you're off to Canada! I don't blame you, hope you have a wonderful life ahead of you both x

Stacey said...

While you're sorting out all your digi scarpbooks, don't forget my pics! I don't want to have to pay postage for that disk from Canada!