Wednesday, 18 June 2008

Vroom Vroom!

Do you like our new car??

Only joking! I would never be able to park that! The cars and pickup trucks over here are huge! This is our new car>>

Still going to be a reversing and parking challenge for me but the Dodge Caravans are everywhere here and with our diving, biking and camping gear the extra space will come in really useful. A few questions have come through about driving over here and yes you do need a car, Martyn especially as he wouldn’t be able to get to work but I’m looking at jobs along the skytrain route which is within walking distance of our apartment. It’s like the tube but cleaner, more reliable and with better views! We want to go and explore so having a car is a necessity, and to get to all those stash shops it’s a must!!

The weather this weekend was fantastic! It was really sunny and warm; we were the typical English abroad and got a bit sunburnt! Have now bought some sunscreen but it’s gone a bit cloudy now…typical! Last week a beluga whale at the Vancouver Aquarium gave birth to a little girl. It’s not an everyday occurrence so we thought we would go and take a look on Sunday. As the baby was only 5 days old they were controlling the number of visitors but it was worth the wait…it was a great experience. Martyn took a short video of mother and baby and it can be viewed by clicking here VIDEO. The aquarium is great and my favourite are the otters>

I wanted to take this one home! After the aquarium we walked down to the beach at English Bay and had an ice cream on the sand! The beaches here all have logs on them so you have something to lean up against and it gives the beach some order so it never feels crowded. Another picture to make you all jealous! >

On the job front Martyn is settling in well into his role and I have now had 3 interviews and another one scheduled for next week. Just waiting back now for second interviews or for someone to say they want me! Fingers crossed it will happen soon!

Glad the dive to Lochaline went well, and a little birdie told me that Jakey’s “one pair of pants” approach didn’t work!! I’m not surprised Kev didn’t want them back!! Has anyone won the pink sash of shame yet?? Has Paul finally shut up and actually listened to anyone yet?? We have been told of a few great dives just up the coast from where we are so as soon as our gear arrives we will be checking them out and will post some pics of all the lobster and crabs we will be picking up so you won’t need to send that sash over here!!

Right back to the job search!

Take Care
Hayley & Martyn xxx

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Kirsty said...

Hiya you two

Glad Martyn has settled into his job, and fingers crossed for Hayley x

Love the car, its fab

The whale is soooo cute, bless

Glad the weather has been nice, its has been rubbish over here lol Wouldn't think it was summer time here

We missed you at the crop on Saturday, it was funny you not being there :(

Keep us updated with the jobsand your goings on and love to you both, take care xx