Friday, 4 July 2008

Working 9 to 5...

I have a job! Finally someone has taken the risk and employed me! After a second interview conducted in Starbucks(!) I was offered 2 jobs! The hiring manager wanted to hire me but felt that the job I had applied for would get boring after awhile as I would be able to do it with my eyes closed!! So he offered me a different role which would be more of a challenge and something that I could progress with. I thought about it and decided to go for the second role, Insurance Advisor, I will be selling insurance!! I was a bit apprehensive at first as I worked in a call centre a few years back and didn’t like it that much but let’s just say that previously I was answering around 120 calls a day this company only gets about 250 calls in total for all advisors!! Its much more laid back so lets see how it goes shall we?!?! I start on July 14th so I still have a bit of holiday to enjoy!

Since our last post we have been out and about checking out the local areas and activities. On Saturday June 21st a Dragon Boat festival took place downtown. Dragon boat racing is huge over here and there were hundreds of competitors!! There were races all day, lots of stalls and entertainment. But of course being English we sought out the beer tent first!!

The blue and yellow tent in the picture above is Cirque Du Soleil – it came to Vancouver a few weeks back and we have tickets for Sunday. Only ever seen a DVD of their performances so really looking forward to it. Speaking of Sunday – all the best Jane and Matt on Rachel’s welcoming day!! Don’t forget to send us some pictures!

This past weekend has been very busy! It was Canada Day on Tuesday and Martyn’s boss decided to keep closed on Monday so he had a nice long holiday weekend. The weather has been gorgeous too, really hot and sunny. Actually it’s been a bit too hot so we have had to get a fan for the apartment, will definitely look into air con when we buy a house!! Anyway back to the fun! We hired a kayak on Saturday and had a lovely 2 hours paddling around an area called Deep Cove. It really felt like we were on holiday, we had to keep reminding ourselves that it was only a 40 minute drive from our home!!

I’m glad we got a double kayak as it was hard work and I don’t think I would have got very far on my own!! A short video of our adventure can be seen HERE. More photos’ can be seen HERE.

Martyn’s boss threw a BBQ on Sunday for his staff as he has recruited quite a few new people lately. It was nice to meet Martyn’s co workers. I was the designated driver, which was fun! First time driving on the wrong side of the road in the dark!

Tuesday July 1st was Canada Day – Oh, Canada!

We jumped on the sky train to downtown and went to Canada Place where lots of festivities were happening! There were 3 stages with bands and singers we had never heard of, lots of stalls and an army exhibition with some very athletic young soldiers!

There was also a Mountie parade with bagpipes!!

More Canada Day photos HERE

Later that evening we drove over to the north shore to watch the fireworks. They would have been a bit bigger if we had gone downtown (the view in the photo is of Vancouver’s Downtown skyline) but we were told that trying to get parked would have been a nightmare!!

Some spectators started singing the national anthem, we really must learn that!! It was a great day, everyone was happy, the sun was shining and there were no drunken louts!

On a different note we are saddened to say that we have come across something that is not as good as it is in England…TV! Programs over here are pants! Its all really bad reality TV or reruns of old American sitcoms like Roseanne or Home Improvements!! We have put together a strategy to get over this – we have bought a Wii! Mario Cart is cool!

Just wanted to say a huge CONGRATULATIONS to Debbie and Rob on the birth, albeit a little early, of their daughter Lucy. We can’t wait to see some pictures!!

Right must go and plan what I’m going to do with myself until I start work!!

Take care and have a good day!!
H & M xxx


Trina said...

WoW it looks like you are having a fantastic time!

Congratulations on the job!

I tried really hard to spot Martyn in the mountie parade, but I couldn't see him! :o(

And put that soldier down, you are married lol

Trina xx

Sal Cookman said...

I am SOOO jealous. It looks amazing over there. Congratulations on getting yourself a job Hayley. I bet you were secretly hoping that you wouldn't get one for at least 6 months. I know would have been!
Nice and Sunny in good old England - not. Don't know if you heard but the Normandy trip was cancelled due to gales in the Channel. They were all gutted bless them. However, they've managed to get a couple of days diving in Tenerife!
Really love your updates. Keep them coming.

Love Sal (and Bob) xx

Anonymous said...

Loving this blog thing!!! so nice to be able to spy on your new lives nothing changing at scarycroft except that Steve sits next to me now!!! He send his regards. Congrats on the job the whole place looks fab has it sunk in yet!!! Continue keeping us up to date helps us escape from it all. Take care Luv "H" said...

Good to see everything is going we. here, . Here we've just had hog roast for the club's 30 th anniversary. Hurry up and organize a club trip - we won't all sleep on your lounge floor.
All the best,
Paul & Patti