Sunday, 31 August 2008

Hangs head in shame...

Hello! It’s been ages…we know! Sorry! But have been busy settling in and getting to grips with working!!

I started my training on July 14th. The first week was pretty intensive – studying for my insurance license. After 6 weeks of not working it was a bit of a shock to the system! I got my licence and then it was product knowledge training!! We took our final exam Aug 18th (got 91%, get me!!!) and have been allowed to speak to real live customers!! Some have been the calls from hell, typical!! But overall it’s been ok.

Since our last post we have been buying stuff for the apartment and making it look a bit more like home. It’s still a work in progress but we’re getting there!!! Will post some pics when I’ve tidied up!!

Each year there is a fireworks competition with teams from Canada, China and USA. Each country puts on a display over a couple of weeks and then there is a final display (Saturday Aug 2) when all 3 do a display and the winning team is announced. It’s a really popular thing over here so we decided to make the trip downtown to watch the finale. It was absolutely packed – I’ve never seen so many people walking in the same direction to the harbour where the display was to start!! The fireworks were amazing – I have never seen fireworks like it! Some were so big you could feel the bang through your body!! Unfortunately we forgot to take our camera (doh!) so here is a link to some video from the web !!

Last Sunday Aug 10th Martyn wanted to visit the Air Show in a town about half an hour away from us called Abbotsford (nr Chiliwack – what a great name?!?!?) I wasn’t too keen as I’m not really into planes but it was a great day! The fighter jets were awesome (see I’m starting to use some Canadian terms!) and I got my picture taken with a fully kitted out cop!!

For the plane fans out there here is a bit of a video of a jet - Click HERE It was a red hot day and we both got burned!!!

A couple of Saturday’s ago the local community association put on an open air movie showing of Grease. It was totally free and it was only round the corner so as we are trying to throw ourselves into everything we packed up our lawn chairs and went along. We had a great time, singing the songs (well I did, Martyn not so much!) eating burgers and generally having a good time!!

A few announcements!! Julia & Steve, congrats on your wedding, need a pic! Good luck Jane & Lecky, not long now!! I’ll keep my eye out for an email!! And last but def not least Hello to Baby Chloe Unsworth!! Well done Trina and Dave! We need more pictures of the little one!!

Hope everyone else is ok!
Take Care
H & M xxx


Kirsty said...

Fab pic Hayley

Well done on the exam, you clever thing. Glad to hear you are settling in the job and you are both well

Keep in touch, we miss you

Stacey said...

Is it just me or has anyone else noticed Hayley's shameless excuses for getting up close and personal to hunky men in uniform?!?! Shame on you Hayley!! Love (jealous!)Stacey x

hazgizz said...

Hayley we miss you

You love the word awesome - and I bet you now have a trunk not a boot



Trina said...

Aww thankyou! :o)

So glad the job is going well!

And poor old Martyn, where are the piccys with him and gorgous women in uniform? lol

Will e-mail the link for more piccys of Chloe, I don't get much time on the internet these days!

Love Trina xx