Sunday, 12 October 2008

Martyn's Talking!

Well I thought it was about time I put my thoughts down about the whole moving experience. Overall I think it’s the best thing we have ever done, Vancouver is an awesome city as there is so much to do, from walking in one of the hundreds of parks or strolling along the coast taking in the mountain or Pacific ocean view watching eagles circling above. Taking the skytrain into downtown and then the sea bus over to the north shore is pretty cool too and for just $9 (£4.50) you can use the public transport all day – bargain.

Mundy Park - one of hundreds of parks we have yet to visit!

It’s not all been plain sailing though, the last few weeks have been tough thinking about the family and friends we have left behind. After living with my parents for 2½ years we are enjoying our own space now but it’s not so simple to pop in for a chat and a coffee, we do talk every weekend and when we can it’s nice to see them on the webcam through skype. I miss the friends I made at Union Industries, always enjoyed talking to the account’s girls and Kath, Lisa and Nancy (also missing the Flying Pizza too, good food and hospitality – nice little plug for you there!!!), even miss the daily ranting and ravings of Richard and the latest screw up Ian had done!!!

A big part of our life in the UK over the last few years was scuba diving, we’d meet up with the club every Tuesday night for possibly some training or giving a lecture to new recruits or simply chewing the fat over previous dive trips which more often than not ended in a tale of how Kenny had got into some scrape or other (usually ending with the story of him falling off the pier at Oban while trying to jump onto the boat intoxicated) – in fact thinking about it most of the stories were more about drinking habits and scrapes that people (usually Kenny or Tony) had got into than actual diving!!! We both certainly miss the dive trips, especially St. Abbs with the obligatory BBQ on the Saturday night whether it’s raining and blowing a gale or not – good times.

The last few weeks have been busy for me as I started a new job (service advising was okay to a point but 70% of the time felt more like a social worker with people and their cars problems!), the owner was a bit intense too, I think I was about the 6th service advisor he’d had in as many months. In fact my replacement, an experienced service advisor with 10 years experience, only lasted 3 days so I’m quite pleased I managed 4 months! The owner did look after me though and helped in securing a new job in a parts environment role, which I am now really enjoying.

Just recently I also took my driving test, coming from the UK you have to take a knowledge and practical road test to get your British Columbia driving licence. Coming from South Korea, Germany, Switzerland, Austria or Japan you can simply exchange your licence for a BC licence but from Britain you’ve got to take the whole test – may have something to with driving on the wrong side of the road, I don’t know but hey I passed first time.

A big sport over here is ice hockey and the new season started this week, we went across to our local drinking place (not too many pubs around, unlike UK, tend to be restaurants with bars attached) to watch the Vancouver Canucks first game against the Calgary Flames. Just one word sums it up – AWESOME – this is a really fast game and takes some watching to keep your eye on the puck. In fact you don’t really see what took place in order for a team to score until you watch the slow action replay, I also thought before the fighting was an occasional thing but it’s part of the game, to the extent that some of the players are drafted in because of their fighting skills – even the officials just stand and watch while a fight takes place and when it looks like someone’s taking a pasting then they’ll go in and break it up – AWESOME - we’re hoping to go and see a game live soon. They started off well too beating the flames 6-0, the replay last night also saw them win 5-4 – GO CANUCKS.

At the moment, as I’m writing this, it’s the Thanksgiving holiday weekend. With just the 2 of us we opted to get a small turkey breast joint as a full turkey would have probably seen us through to Christmas for sure. Also looking forward to Halloween as this is a big occasion out here for adults as well as the kids.

All in all I think the initial ‘honeymoon period’ is over and our feet have touched back down, we’re now dealing with the everyday commute to work and then home, getting the weekly shop, paying the bills etc. but were doing all this in the most amazing surroundings, yes there are things we miss but we’re looking towards the future, getting on with it and living the life we dreamed.

Note from Hayley – Just wanted to add that one of my LPD friends, Susy, is having a really bad time at the moment and just wanted to let her know that we are thinking of her and her family at this sad time.

Bye for Now


Kirsty said...

Hiya you two :)

Well done on your new job Martyn I am so pleased for for you. Congratulations also on passing your driving test :)

I am so pleased you are enjoying it, it sounds amazing, maybe the LPD's could come for a visit sometime lol

Take care and speak soon xx

Wicked Angel said...

Hey Martyn & Hayley

It's great to hear that you are really settling into your new 'real lives'.

We missed Hayley at the crop this saturday but I did think about you on Sunday, when I did a roast chicken with paxo stuffing *grins* yummy !

Hugs n other random silly stuff
Marie x

Trina said...

Bloomin eck, Martyn talking that makes a change! AND you are starting to sound Canadian.. AWESOME! lol

I'm glad you are doing well and are enjoying your new job! Well done for passing your driving test!

We could have the LPD retreat over there with you!! Have you got room for us all?

We miss you curry buddies!

Love Trina xx
Cuddles from Chloe xx

hazgizz said...

I want to go to icehockey too - love it when the fight!

Well done on getting a new job and glad you are happier in it than your previous one - and FAB that you passed your driving test first time

The gauntlet has been laid down now for Hayley ! lol

Keep us posted on what you guys are up to - we miss you so much


Mrs Hedgehog said...

Hmm we could fall out over the ice hockey we have been to see the Calgary Flames on several occasions and they do win honest!!
Well done on passing the driving test and also the new job. If you enjoy your job you are half way there!!
Not too long till ski season starts. So I expect you will be off to the mountains for the weekend. Jealous me???? Of course I am. Take care love to you both.

Susy Rudy said...

Hi there

Well done Martyn on the new job and passing the driving test. It sounds like your new life is wonderful.

Thank you for thinking of me at the end of your post - made me cry but very appreciated. We are doing as well as can be expected at the moment. xxxx