Sunday, 7 December 2008

Do you like our festive new look? Thought we would spruce up the blog for the season! Rights lets update you on how we have been getting on – Martyn has written the following update (he is really getting into this blogging lark!)

Things have been busy since our last post. I’m settling into my new job okay although working Saturdays now with a day off during the week which comes in handy (he also likes a day off from me! – Hayley)

We had our first dive the other week at Belcarra National Park in a body of water called Indian Arm.
The Canadian Branch of the Rothwell & Stanley SAA!!

The entry was by shore which wasn’t as easy as it sounds as to get to the small beach I more or less had to abseil down the embankment with our dive gear whilst Hayley watched on (with the camera! – Hayley).

Never mind SAA - its the SAS!!

About 200m off the shore is the wreck of the VT 100 which was an old mine sweeper and gunship. After the war it was converted into a woodchip barge but vandals set fire to it and it sunk. After kitting up we took the bearing and set off, there were plenty of large crabs, star fish and a few large plumose anemones dotted around. We didn’t find the wreck on this dive so we made our way back to the shore. During the surface interval we enjoyed a picnic whilst watching otters playing on a nearby pontoon.

Hayley posing for her glamour shot!!

Unfortunately conditions weren’t good enough to take pictures underwater. With the tide out we had a bit more beach to kit up on so again we headed out again this time coming across the wreck. It’s a large wreck and harbours a lot of life with crabs, langoustines and rock fish. Also came across a toilet – handy if you get caught short! Taking a bearing for shore we returned back to the beach and enjoyed a flask of coffee before heading back up the embankment and home – really miss the obligatory bacon butties though!

Belcarra National Park - the view from the beach

Now with Christmas looming we bought our tree last week. An artificial one this year but there are places where you hire a saw, pick the tree you want and then go and cut it down – awesome! We decorated it and the living room last Saturday (and had the annual argument! – Hayley). Decorations seem to go up a lot earlier over here.

We have seen snow returning to the mountains tops but haven’t had any down here yet. Getting into the season we went ice skating a few weeks ago, which we haven’t done for years – really cool and a really cheap thing to do here! Looking into ice skating on top of Grouse Mountain soon as well as trying to get some skiing in.

Enjoy the season and we will try and get another post done before Christmas!

Take Care
Hayley & Martyn xxx


Kirsty said...

Hi Martyn & Hayley

Happy to hear that Martyn has settled in his job. Glad you had a good dive, love the pics

Your apartment looks fab with the decorations, we haven't put ours up yet lol, I am hoping Wayne and Hannah will do it on Saturday when I am out lol

We have also had snow last week, not much but enough for the schools to close, Hannah was well impressed

Take care and hope you both have a fantastic first Christmas in Canada x

Mrs Hedgehog said...

Glad everything is going well. So when do you go skiing? Only 4 weeks 'til we go to Colorado, hope my knee holds up. It must be lovely to just get up and decide to ski at the weekend. It is just wet and cold here really mucky weather. Take care of yourselves and "Happy Holidays". Lxx