Monday, 22 December 2008

Our Christmas Message...

... well if it’s good enough for the Queen and the Osbournes it's good enough for us!!

It’s been a busy few weeks since our last post and have done some great Christmassy things!! And on top of that we have had tonnes of snow!!

First of all was the Santa Clause parade – it took place on a cold and windy Sunday and went on for ages! Here are a few of the (many) pics:

The obligatory Christmas Work Do’s to go to and Martyn’s was all free! Mine was a cash bar in a downtown hotel so for the Yorkshire in Martyn it was quite painful!! We stayed over at the hotel and it snowed overnight – it made my weekend!! On the Sunday after my do we went up to Grouse Mountain for some sightseeing in the snow…it was cold! We didn’t do any skiing but we will probably go up again during the coming season. More pics:

Then there were the bright lights of Stanley Park. Stanley Park is a large park in the middle of downtown Vancouver and at Christmas time they cover it in lights and run a small train through it. It was fab!! The train ride was pretty long for the money and the amount of lights that were used was huge! Again plenty of pics but here are a couple:

In the last week we have had unprecedented snow and cold weather – must have had about a foot already! And there’s more on the way…dare I say Christmas Day!!! We are going to have a white Christmas!!! I’m soooo excited!! We’ve even bought a sled but not managed to get out on it yet! Here are a few snowy pictures…it’s so Christmassy!

We want to take this time to wish you all a great Christmas and a very Happy New Year!

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H&M xxx


Kirsty said...

Fab pics, and OMG how much snow

We had a bit here a few weeks ago but nothing much although there was enough to close the schools for a day so Hannah was happy lol

Hope your first Christmas in Canada is fantastic, you both deserve it

Wishing you both and very Merry Christmas and all the best for 20009 xxx

hazgizz said...

Oh my gosh it looks so beautiful! How fun a parade and then all that snow - sooo jealous

Well done Martyn - glad you've not lost the Yorkshireman in you - Kev would be proud lol

Err sled - dont you mean sledge? Come on now............

I hope you two have a fantastic christmas and a happy 2009. I miss you Moose


Trina said...

wow that looks amazing and all that snow! you lucky things!

Hope you have had a lovely christmas and all the best for the new year!

we miss you too,

love trina, dave & chloe xx

Kit said...

Very happy to read another blog where someone is living away from home! Bookmarking!