Friday, 20 February 2009

Finally an update!

Hi Everyone! Sorry it’s been too long since we updated the blog – have been busy working and just getting to grips with life as Canadians!

Well as you know we had snow over Christmas and in the New Year…a lot of snow!!! We took full advantage of it and as being new residents and it being a bit of a novelty we bought a sledge! It was really good fun and this picture of Martyn has to be one of my finest action shots ever!!

We heard about the snow back in England a few weeks back…hope you enjoyed our second hand white stuff!! Tee hee!!

At the end of January we went to a local motorbike show…I initially thought I would rather stick pins in my eyes than walk round ohhing and ahhing at a load of bikes but I have to be honest I really enjoyed it as they let you sit on the beasts!! I have to say I think I suit a big chopper!! Ha ha!! Martyn has fallen in love with some of the 2 wheeled machines and is now planning on taking his test so he can ride us around British Columbia in true easy rider style!

I also want to take this opportunity to introduce you all to a new member of our family…Martyn’s new goatee beard! He thought by growing some facial hair would help him integrate into the local community!?! What with drinking beer and watching ice hockey it won’t take him the normal 3 years to become a Canadian citizen!!

Well we finally got round to going skiing! We have even bought our own gear (thanks to the UK’s Inland Revenue – we got a tax rebate!!) We did try and go a few weeks back but got turned away at the bottom of the mountain as we didn’t have any snow chains for the car – well we’ve got some now! So this last Wednesday we donned our thermals and headed up Mount Seymour. Now not to rub it in or anything but within about half an hour from home we were pulling into the car park! After paying about £25 for a full days lift pass (that’s about 2 hours at xscape!) we got down to some serious whoosh whooshing down the mountain – well Martyn did…I took my time!! After lunch Martyn started on some of the more difficult runs and tried out a few jumps (and wiping out too!) We called it a day once my knees gave out but we had a good 5 hours and we loved it! This isn’t going to be our one and only trip!!

Martyn in action!

Have just got some free tickets to watch an ice hockey game next month so that will be another “Canadian” thing to do struck off our list – will let you know how that goes next time.

Take Care
Hayley & Martyn xxx


Kirsty said...


How fantastic having snow like that so close, you certainly both look the part. Liking the new member of your family lol. Hayley I think you definitely suit a big chopper lol lol Take care both of you xxx

Trina said...

omg i'm so jealous! Skiing at Escape just doesn't compare to skiing in Cananda!

Love the bikes, and make sure Martyn keeps his beard in check otherwise he will look like ZZ Top lol

Mrs Hedgehog said...

Am I jealous you can bet your bottom dollar (Canadian of course) I am.
I have to fly for 9 hours to go skiing. Isn't the snow fantastic? Ice hockey is fab. Enjoy the real thing! Only 4 weeks till we go to Denver again!

Love Lxx

hazgizz said...

Fantastic pics Hayley and loving Martyn's bum fluff!

You definitely look comfy on the big chopper

take care - we miss you