Friday, 22 May 2009

Yee Haw!!

As you can see from our new profile pic we had great fun at the Cloverdale Rodeo last weekend! The weather was fab…really hot and sunny. The rodeo is the 2nd largest in Canada and there was a country fair, fairground and the rodeo shows themselves. We had to buy a couple of cowboy hats as the sun was so strong, everyone was wearing them and come who doesn’t secretly want to be a cowboy/girl!!

Well after the motorbike show a few months back Martyn decided we were going to go to the Classic and Custom Car show! Oh well, I suppose it keeps him happy when I want to do things scrapbook related!! There were some really cool cars and not that many car babes much to Martyn’s disappointment!! I don’t know much about cars so here are some pics instead!!

Last time we mentioned we had some tickets to an ice hockey game – it was our first game and it was great! The Vancouver Giants won 6-3 (I think that was the final result!) The atmosphere at ice hockey games are great, it’s really family orientated and there’s so much going on in the intervals – mascots running around giving out freebies, mini blimps flying about dropping vouchers down into the audience!! The Giants are in a lower league to the Vancouver Canucks, the Cunucks are in the NHL which is the equivalent of the English premier league of football. The Cunucks had been doing really well and got to the playoffs! So it was hockey fever here for awhile! We even bought some jerseys to wear whilst cheering them on! Unfortunately they didn’t get past the 2nd round but hey ho there’s always next year! As you can see from the pic below, we enjoyed the games in true Canadian style, beer, BBQ and wearing our shirts!!

We have been getting our apartment ready for summer; we have plants and a BBQ now on the balcony ready for the hot weather! We have decided to rent here for another year as it’s really handy for transit and our apartment is nice, big and quiet!! Its coming up to the one year mark and we both can’t believe just how the time has flown! We are still loving it here and can’t see us moving back to Blighty, of course we really miss our family and friends but by what we have heard from people and the news we have seen we moved at the right time. Canada has been hit by the economy problems too but not to the extent that the US or UK has as Canada has a different banking and credit system…basically you can’t get it!! Let’s just hope things start to get better soon.

We are still finding our feet but are starting to get used to the little differences that totally threw us at the start! Still can’t get decent bacon, fruit squash or bisto gravy but we have family coming over soon so hopefully will get some supplies!! We have just bought some inline skates (!) so watch out for some pics next time of us probably falling over or smacking into trees!!!

Take care
Hayley & Martyn xxx


Mrs Hedgehog said...

You have been busy, sounds like you are having a fun and busy time. Can't believe it's almost 12 months since you left!! Ice hockey is great isn't it? and it doesn't matter if the team is in the lower leagues the support is fanatical.
Take care Lxx

Trina said...

Awww it sounds brilliant, you lucky buggas! And you sound like you are turning into Canadian's! Jersey wearing LOL

We miss you too, we haven't been back to the Aagrar since you went :o(