Saturday, 8 August 2009

Summer Happenings!

I can't believe its been so long since we updated the blog. Time out here must go more quickly! I don't mean to rub it in but for a few weeks now we've had wall to wall sunshine, with the odd cloud and one thunderstorm breaking it up. We've been spending our free time at the beach, in the sea or by the side of lakes with awesome backdrops of mountains, some of which still have snow on top!

Since our last post, Hayley has passed her driving test (first time - hooray!) but now hasn't driven since! She also changed jobs, still working at the same company but now off the phones and is in the underwriting dept as a junior underwriter, which she much prefers.

We went to the gee gee's in June (Canadians have no idea what this means!) with some of Hayley's work colleagues. We didn't win a right lot but as you look over the racecourse you have a view of the river and the mountains beyond.

I have purchased a used set of golf clubs and am considering golf lessons as there are no end of golf courses over here set in beautiful landscaping. Hayley is also considering joining me: we have both been to the driving range a few times and just need to hone our technique before hitting the fairways.

We spent Canada Day (July 1st) down in White Rock by the beach where in the evening we watched the fireworks from the pier

Hayley's Mum and Brother stayed with us at the end of July. They have been to Vancouver before but had concentrated more around Downtown. On our free days we took them to explore further afield. We went up into Golden Ears Park to Allouete Lake for a BBQ picnic, walked along Capilano Suspension Bridge and through the tree tops walkway. We also took a trip up Grouse Mountain seeing the captive orphan bears they have up there. One day we took a trip along the sea to sky highway stopping at Horseshoe Bay, Shannon Falls and Squamish. I think they really enjoyed themselves, although the heat was a little unbearable at times and they may be glad to be back in England in the cold and rain (still don't mean to rub it in!)

Clouded over a little while I'm writing this but we have been promised more sunshine to come. We are currently looking forward to my Mum, Dad and Sister coming over beginning of September (hopefully the weather will still be good).

Bye for now
Martyn & Hayley xxx

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Mrs Hedgehog said...

Glad you are having good weather(not) it has been quite nice here but lots more rain than you ner ner ne ner ner!!
Hope the weather continues for your visit with the parents.
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