Tuesday, 8 December 2009

Holidays are Coming!

We know it’s been a while since our last post but now our first (honeymoon period!) year is over we still have to go through the day-to-day grind, only difference being its against an amazing backdrop.

Anyway since our last blog my (Martyn’s) family visited in Sept. We really enjoyed showing them around where we now call home. The weather didn’t start off too well and was a bit blustery down at the beach in White Rock, but it didn’t take too long to improve. The highlight was a drive up the Sea to Sky highway to Whistler village and a trip on the recently installed peak to peak gondola. This was especially exciting as we not only saw OUR first wild bear but 6 wild bears, luckily from the safety of the cable car. We think they enjoyed their visit… you’ll have to come back during the winter though and see the other side of Vancouver.

Halloween is a big celebration over here. This year we carved our own pumpkins and took a journey on the Stanley Park Ghost Train (the latter being a slight disappointment compared to their Christmas Train). But in saying that what made it was the family behind us. At the beginning their young son was so excited to get on the train but only seconds into the ride said it was too scary and wanted to get off. For the rest of the journey his mom (not mum anymore) was trying to point out how ‘nice’ everything was even to the point where we could see some dolls coming up in the distance. “oooh look at the dolls coming aren’t they nice”, she said, only when we got closer you could see some where on stakes and others were being hanged ‘oooh yes they're nice’ we thought… hilarious!

In Nov we took our first trip across the border and into the states (that was after 20 questions, finger printing and mug shots taken by the border guards). Our destination was Seattle, only knowing this city from watching Fraser and the scene from Sleepless In Seattle but enough of that! Having prepared my famous ‘itinerary’ we started our whirlwind tour as soon as we dropped our bags at the hotel. Typical Seattle weather is rain and this didn’t disappoint. From the Space Needle to the Music Experience home of Jimmy Hendrix, the Underground Tour of old Seattle to the ‘flying fish’ of Pike Place Market and the very first Starbucks, we did it all. We woke on our last day to blue skies and the sun shining, so it was back around all the sites again to retake all the photo’s…Hayley was so pleased….not!!!

Now winter is well on its way and the snow has returned to the mountains, opening up the ski slopes (we’ll be there soon). And the buzz of the upcoming winter Olympics is picking up pace.

Writing this we have just returned from an amazing night at the top of Grouse Mountain where we had our first touch of this years snow and fantastic clear view of Downtown at twilight, at -6 degrees was a bit chilly but well worth it. On our return we stopped off at Capilano where they have currently switched on the ‘Canyon of Lights’. Lights are strung across the suspension bridge and around the treetop and lake walkways.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Martyn & Hayley


hazgizz said...

About time too. I sooo jealous - it looks just gorgeous and so much to see and do and all that lovely snow.
Really really miss you guys:( and hope you have a wonderful christmas and new year

As they say 'happy holidays'
love ya

Mrs Hedgehog said...

Merry Christmas and a very happy healthy prosperous New Year. Le tme know what the skiing is like?