Monday, 11 February 2008


...we've got em!!

Well we've just got a phone call to say our emigration consultant has received them! We have been waiting for these for nearly 3 years...3 YEARS! Now all we have to do is start a new life in a country we have only visited once and where we know no one and I mean no one! When it's written down like that it seems a bit mad doesn't it! lol!!

All the way through the last couple of years we have had moments of frustration, excitement and sheer panic but we have never for one minute ever doubted our decision. The reasons why we decided to emigrate have changed over the last few years but the main things we want in life is a better standard of living and above all adventure!! And we are determined to make sure we get some! And how can we fail? Vancouver has been voted the best place to live in the world loads of times.

Now comes the tricky part, planning our new life and saying goodbye to everyone!

Bye for now
Hayley & Martyn xxx


humbug said...

wow thats fabby - how exciting for you both

any idea of when you're going????

Jane said...

Congratulations... you must be over the moon! I've heard nothing but good things about Vancouver, although it's a long way from here.

Eleni said...

Congratulations!!!! :D Brilliant news ... so the next chapter to the adventure is on!!! :D

Flo said...

I am more jealous of you than of anyone on the planet right now!!!


Vancouver is the most beautiful city on earth.

Out there myself in 4 weeks, but only for a holiday. I would love to emigrate, but the kids don't want to, so what can ya do?


you will not regret it, I promise you

Julie Corfield said...

Just seen your blog on UKS and had to have a and my family are applying to emigrate to Australia - been at it for over a year and it's killing us!! Congratulations in getting your visas. We have relatives in Vancouver...they made the move 25 years ago!