Friday, 15 February 2008

What now??

We took delivery of our visas on Wednesday - much giddiness ensued (mostly me!) and then the questions of "well when are you going then?" started!!

There are loads, and I'm not exaggerating, absolutely loads of stuff to sort out. We have over the last few years been researching various options but without those little slips (and they are small and quite insignificant looking, I suppose the scrapper in my expected them to be all sparkly and shiny!!) we really couldn't do much apart from gather information. Now we can actually DO stuff and it's a bit daunting! Imagine, if you will, when you move house there are a list of people to contact and things you have to change with your new address, it's quite a task. Well, we have to go through that same list cancel the service/product and then set them all up again in a new country! Bank accounts, insurance, driving licence tests (oh joy I have to do another test), social security numbers and not to mention the little things like shipping all of our stuff over, getting jobs and finding somewhere to live!

My main concern however is that we have a blooming good leaving do!!

This weekend we will be, in between me panicking, planning our proposed leaving keep your eyes peeled for that magic date when you will all be getting rid of us!

Bye for now


Kirsty said...

Aww we don't want you to leave :(

But wish you both all the luck in the world when you do

Trina said...

Awww its so exciting and I am really happy for you, but sad too cos we are going to miss you!